Depop Browse Page

Depop, 2019

When looking at the Depop shopping experience, we found that around 70% of purchases came from the search bar. So, we look at the data and spoke to some users and realised that users only had limited options when starting to look for an item. At the time, users could browse the feed, see curated items and perform searches but things like Categories, subcategories and brands weren't exposed for the user to search with.

After running a design sprint, we decided that users, especially new users, needed a dedicated page to start their searches. We called it the browse page. Users can shop seasonal categories and subcategories by gender and also search their favourite brands now, as well as being able to search for more specific queries.

experience map.jpg

Our hypotheses

I created an experience map to look at pain points in the sign up and browse experience, after speaking to some users and getting some data. From there, it was clear that new users landing in the app weren't sure what to search, and needed some help. We had a suspicion that surfacing categories to the user would help them get started with browsing so we ran a test where we exposed some categories in the form of 'pills' at the top of the explore page. We saw lots of engagement and a slight lift in conversion. With our suspicions confirmed, we moved onto version two..

Next Steps

Next, we were able to prototype, test and roll out a new A/B test of our dedicated browse page. We surfaced 10 categories for both menswear and womenswear that are based on seasons and trends and are updated to reflect these. The womenswear and menswear modules switch positions depending on your preferences and in 2020 we added the 'browse by brand' module, which allowed users to input their favourite brands. Both showed a conversion uplift.

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